Men’s Journal Picks 100 Best Adventures on America’s Public Lands

As National Parks Week nears its end here in the U.S. we have seen a number of articles, videos, and other types of media used to celebrate the country’s public lands. These places are not just landscapes that happen to be incredibly beautiful however, they also provide opportunities for adventure as well. To that end, Men’s Journal has compiled a list of the 100 best adventures to do on America’s public lands, with some outstanding suggestions of how we can all take advantage of these outdoor spaces.

Each entry on the list starts by indicating which park (national or state!), forest, or wilderness the activity takes part in. This can help you locate places that are close to where you live or near where you may be traveling in the future. From there, the MJ staff has put together a brief description of exactly what they recommend you do on that particular area of public lands, often sharing some nice insider tips or knowledge that the average visitor probably wouldn’t know. All of the entires also feature an accompanying photograph as well to help set the scene.

So what are some of the adventures that Men’s Journal suggests? With so many to choose from it is impossible to spoil them all here, but some examples include stalking a caribou herd in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and mountain biking a rugged trail through Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama. You can also go canyoneering in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness in Arizona or wander the coastal canyons found in Santa Monica National Recreation Area in California.

The remaining items on the list are just as wild and varied, with plenty to see and do. The amazing thing that I had to remind myself throughout reading the list is that all of these adventures take place on public lands that have been set aside for us to enjoy. That’s a remarkable thing when you think about it and we are incredibly privileged to have access to these places, particularly in a day and age where more public lands are under siege.

To ready the complete list, click here.

Kraig Becker