Video: The Race – Sled Dogs, History, and Culture in Greenland

For some, dog sledding is a controversial topic. There are those who argue that the dogs are mistreated or abused when they are used to pull a sled. But in some parts of the world, dog sledding is a part of the history and culture of the place. Greenland is one of those places and in this video we explore the importance of the relationship between man and dog, particularly in a changing world. In this clip, 13-year old Nick dreams of becoming a champion dog sledder, while 72-year old racer Ville Siegstad prepares to step away from a sport that has turned him into a legend. Both are dealing with a changing reality where a part of their culture could be changing forever. Beautiful, fascinating, and well made this is a great short documentary that is thoughtfully constructed.

Kraig Becker