Video: To the Summit of Everest with the Sherpas Who Make It Possible

A few days back I shared a three-minute video of what it is like to climb to the summit of Everest from the South Side in Nepal. That particular video seemed to have struck a chord with viewers who enjoyed the short, but spectacular, journey to the top of the world. Of course, we all know that most climbers wouldn’t get anywhere near the summit without the assistance of the Sherpa guides. That’s why I also wanted to share this clip, which was created by my friend Anthony Gordon. It takes us back up the mountain, but this time we go with those amazing men and women who make climbing in the Himalaya a reality. From fixing the ropes, to opening the Khumbu Icefall, to making sure the foreign alpinists get up and down safely, the Sherpa do it all. This is a bit of a tribute to their efforts.

Kraig Becker