Adventure Quickies: U.S. Denies Climate Change in the Arctic and Other Stories

Our weekly round-up of top news stories from the world of outdoor exploration, gear, and adventure travel. Here’s what you might have missed from the week that has passed.

  • U.S. Denies Climate Change at 2019 Arctic Council: In an unprecedented move the U.S. government displayed once again this week that it is either ignorant about climate change or being deliberately obtuse. At the 2019 Arctic Council, Officials refused to sign an agreement that addresses challenges to the Arctic, jeopardizing efforts to have a meaningful impact on combatting the effects of quickly-rising temperatures.
  • 96% of U.S. National Parks Suffer Significant Air Pollution: In other environmental news, the National Parks Conservation Association released an eye-opening report this week that says that 96% of America’s national parks now face “significant” air pollution. Furthermore, this issue is causing not just damage to these places themselves, but could impact the health of visitors as well. Further stats include 89% of the parks have haze caused by air pollution, while 88% have sensitive habitats and species that are being impacted as well.
  • REI Names New President and CEO: Gear retailer REI announced that it had appointed Eric Artz as president and CEO of the company this week. He is the eight person to hold that job and he replaces Jerry Stritzke who resigned in controversy earlier this year.
  • IAATO Members Adopt New Measure to Protect the Antarctic: Last week, the members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators met in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss ways to continue to promote tourism to the Antarctic while still protecting that fragile environment. Amongst the measure approved were improved methods to avoid hitting whales with cruise ships, restrictions on the use of remotely piloted aircraft, and stringent requirements for any visitors who are going ashore in the Antarctic.
  • Damaged Cruise Ship Becomes New Artificial Reef: Divers heading to Florida listen up! In Panama City Beach a cruise ship that was damaged by Hurricane Michael was deliberately sunk this week to create a new artificial reef for wildlife in the region. The El Dorado was sent down to the bottom of the ocean just 12 miles from shore, paving the way for an interesting new attraction to divers coming to the area.
  • Galapagos Islands Discounts From Adventures Within Reach: The Galapagos Islands are a bucket-list destination for many travelers and now you can get there on the cheap. Travel company Adventures Within Reach is currently offering a “buy one, get one half-off” deal that may be worth exploring. Contact them for details.
  • G Adventures Launches National Geographic Family Tours: G Adventures and National Geographic have collaborated on adventure travel itineraries for some time, but this week they introduced 12 new trips designed specifically with families in mind. The new Family Journeys collection will send multi-generational travelers off to places such as Japan, Morocco, Tanzania, and Iceland, to name just a few.
  • Nat Hab Adds New Gorilla Safari Option: If you’ve always dreamed of watching primates in their natural environment, you now have a new option for doing just that. Adventure travel company Natural Habitat Adventures has introduced a new gorilla safari option that will take you to the wilds of Uganda to witness these amazing creatures first hand.
  • Climb Mt. Baker with Willie Benegas: Want to climb Mt. Baker in Washington state with 13-times Everest summiteer WIllie Benegas? If so, Northwest Alpine Guides is making it happen this summer. Find out more here.

That’s all for this week. More Adventure Quickies next Friday!

Kraig Becker