Kami Rita Sherpa Bags Second Everest Summit in Week, 24th Overall

I know I’ve already posted an update on the Himalayan climbing scene earlier today, but I thought this story deserved its own article. Last week, legendary Nepali climbing guide Kami Rita Sherpa summited Everest for the 23rd time, breaking his own record for the most ever climbs up the world’s highest peak.

But not content with just topping out once this year, he has now repeated the trek to the top, claiming his 24th over all summit.

According to The Himalayan Times, Kami Rita was part of a summit push that took place early this morning, reaching the top at around 6:38 AM local time. He was part of a team led by Seven Summit Treks, who were working in support of a group of police officers from India.

The group left Camp 4 late in the evening last night, but arrived in time to enjoy a sunrise from the highest point on the planet. The group is now reportedly descending back to C4 for some rest before proceeding further down the mountain.

In addition to climbing Everest more than anyone else, Kami Rita has also summited K2, Cho-oyu, Lhoste, Annapurna, and a number of other Himalayan peaks. Now at the age of 49, he has said that he hopes to reach the magical number of 25 successful summits across his long and challenging career.

That would likely come next season, when he’ll also be celebrating his 50th birthday. Whether or not he retires after reaching that big goal remains to be seen.

Congratulations to Kami Rita Sherpa on this amazing accomplishment. Summiting Everest once is a significant achievement for any mountaineer, but going to the top 20+ times requires strength, endurance, dedication, and a healthy dose of luck too.

That has made him an inspiration not just to the other Sherpas who lead the way on the big mountains of Nepal and Tibet, but many other alpinists who admire his commitment to the climb.

Kraig Becker