The Adventure Podcast Episode 60: Training for the Uphill Athlete with Scott Johnston and Steve House

On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast we welcome two fantastic guests in the form of Scott Johnston and Steve House who join us to discuss their new book Training for the Uphill AthleteThe book is a guide for the mountain runners, ski mountaineers, and other outdoor athletes who are looking to improve their fitness and performance. As you can probably imagine, these two guys bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, as does their third co-author Kilian Jornet. We discuss a wide variety of topics, including philosophies for getting stronger as a mountain athlete, how Killian is not a freak of nature, and what its like to face your own mortality in the mountains.

But before we get into those weight topics, my co-host Dave Adlard and I bring updates on the latest adventure news. Stories this week include ongoing climbing expeditions –– and a dramatic rescue –– in the Himalaya, a fantastic adventure scholarship just for women, and an eight-year old kid who ran away from home to go explore the world. Because the interview with Scott and Steve ran long, we skipped our gear segment for the week however, but it was completely worth it.

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Kraig Becker