The Adventure Podcast Episode 61: What Makes a Great Gear Shop?

This week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast explores one of the more important and meatier topics of our time –– what makes an outdoor gear shop great? My co-host Dave Adlard and I share our thoughts on what makes one store stand out from another, what we look for in a gear shop, and why its fun to visit these places. We also provide a list of some of our favorite gear shops that we’ve been in too, including a few legendary locations across the U.S.

Before we jump into that topic however, we first break down the latest adventure news with updates from the Himalaya, a look in on Fedor Konyukhov’s progress in the Southern Ocean, and a stunning new speed record from the world of ultrarunning. Later, we wrap things up by providing our latest gear picks, with reviews of a new case from Pelican and some outdoor apparel from 686.

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Kraig Becker