Video: The Line Episode 4 – Leaving for Everest

This spring mountaineers Cory Richards and Esteban “Topo” Mena have been attempting to summit Everest along an entirely new route. So far, the weather hasn’t been all that cooperative, but things are expected to improve soon, giving them a chance to make an attempt on this ambitious project. While we wait to see whether or not they are able to complete that quest, we can experience what it is like for climbers preparing to leave for an expedition in the Himalaya. As you know, such a climb takes weeks to complete, so saying goodbye to friends and family, getting all of your gear together, and finishing last-minute plans can be tough. In this clip, we see Cory and Topo as they are getting ready to leave home for Kathmandu, which isn’t easy. This is a side of an expedition that you rarely get the chance to see, but it is one that takes its toll in an entirely different way.

Kraig Becker