Airbnb Gets Into the Adventure Travel Game

The adventure travel market just got an interesting and powerful new member. Yesterday, Airbnb, the company that connects travelers with vacation and rental homes around the world, announced the launch of Airbnb Adventures. This new initiative offers small group excursions lasting anywhere from 2 to 10 days at affordable prices, bringing new options for those looking to add an active and unique element to their next vacation.

The new program is an expansion of the companyโ€™s Airbnb Experiences, which are unique travel experiences that are hosted by locals at a destination that travelers may be visiting. For instance, you may decide that while youโ€™re in a new city you may want to take a cooking class, learn to surf, or go on a bike tour. Those shorter, more accessible options can be booked through Experiences for a unique look at a destination. The new options will be longer and more adventurous, but are still hosted by locals, which is the key to everything that Airbnb has done from the beginning.

So what kind of things can you expect to book through Airbnb Adventures? Some of the more intriguing options include tracking lions on foot in Kenya, taking a paranormal tour of the American Southwest, and to visiting the quietest place on the planet. At launch, there are more than 200 unique adventures to choose from, with more coming very soon. Prices range from as little as $79 and up to $5000, which is for a ten day trek. Best of all, these are ready-made experiences that include everything the traveler needs, including meals, activities, accommodations, and transportation. You simply book the trip and go, with the person running it handling all of the logistics.

While there are dozens of Airbnb Adventures to sift through, the company is also commemorating the launch of its new venture with a particularly enticing opportunity for those who have a little spare cash and plenty of time on their hands. To celebrate the new initiative, Airbnb is offering an Around the World in 80 Days journey, which is exactly as it sounds. six continents, 18 countries, and 80 days to see them all. The trip departs from London (naturally!), is a one-time offering, and is open to just eight guests that are 21-years of age and older. It is priced at $5000 and includes the crossing of five seas and the use of eight modes of transportation, including a hot air balloon. Registration for this one-off adventure will open on Thursday, May 20.

Airbnb Adventures looks like a great new option for those looking to add some unique activities to their lives. The options range from simple day trips that allow travelers to dip their toe into the adventure pond, to big, sprawling excursions that will immerse them in new cultures, locations, and experiences. The prices look very approachable from what Iโ€™ve seen so far, and there are things to do in numerous corners of the globe.

To start exploring those options, visit the Airbnb Adventures website here.

Kraig Becker