Gear Closet: 686 Anything Multi-Cargo Pant Review

CARGO PANT : When it comes to selecting the proper gear for travel, overall comfort is probably at the top of the list of the things that we look for.

Next up for me however is versatility, as any piece of clothing that I bring on a trip has to be able to pull double-duty both in the field and while at the lodge or exploring around town.

This is especially true for those of us who like to travel light and don’t tend to bring an overly large pack with us when we hit the road. With a limited wardrobe at our disposal, the need for clothing that can look good, remain functional, and be just as appropriate on the trail as at a formal dinner is all the more important.

Such is the case with the Anything multi-cargo pant from 686, which manages to combine everything that travelers could ask for into an attractive and well-designed package.

On the surface, the Anything Pant looks like a comfortable pair of pants that you might catch someone wearing not just while exploring the world, but back in their hometown too.

Made from a proprietary durable water-repellant fabric, and available in several colors, these trousers offer a relaxed fit that looks great in a variety of environments. In other words, you wouldn’t think twice about wearing them on the trail or while joining friends for lunch or dinner.

Stylish & Elegant Design

Quite simply, at first glance, they look stylish and elegant, which is about the best that you can hope for in your travel pants.

It isn’t until you pull a pair of Anything Pants on yourself that you truly begin to see their greatness. You’ll quickly realize just how comfortable they are and after wearing them a bit they’re sure to quickly earn a spot on your “essential travel gear” list.

Their excellent fit and level of comfort is just the beginning, because these pants have so many built-in features that you’ll be amazed at how much functionality they provide.

Pockets and More Pockets


For instance, 686 has somehow managed to integrated 13 individual pockets into the design, some of which you’ll even have to look hard to find while wearing them.

In addition to the standard pockets on the front and back, the Anything Pant also features zippered cargo pockets on each leg, an RFID-blocking pocket that provides security from data thieves, as well as a pen pocket, a card pocket, and a mobile phone pocket as well.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a belt-loop stash pocket, a second hidden card pocket, and a front pouch mesh pocket too. Quite simply, there is a pocket for just about everything, helping you stay organized and traveling lighter while on the road.

Other Features Included

Other interesting features include a belt made from a shoe-lace that provides a back-up should you need a spare while traveling and a key ring eyelet integrated directly into a belt loop.

The fabrics themselves are not only DWR treated, but also are antimicrobial, which prevents the pants from collecting odors while on extended journeys.

Those same materials are stain and wrinkle resistant as well, while still managing to provide four-way stretch and a high degree of breathability.

Upgraded Design

The 686 Anything Pant is a bit of an upgrade to the company’s Everything Pant, which debuted a year ago.

Both offer much of the same functionality, but the Anything Pant has a baggier, more relaxed fit as compared to the Everything, which was a bit more form-fitting.

They are a bit pricey when compared to a pair of “run of the mill khakis” that you might pick up at your favorite department store.

The fantastic features that 686 has brought to the table makes both the Anything and Everything Pant an indispensable option for frequent travelers who are looking for the ultimate blend of form, functionality, and comfort.

My Final Thoughts

I’ve worn my pair of Anything Pants on several trips over the past month, taking them with me to Mexico, Canada, and Upstate New York.

In all cases, they have been extremely valuable and I know they’ll be with me on many future adventures too.

686 won me over with the comfort and fit, but all of the handy pockets just make the Anything Pant a no-brainer.

If you’re someone who travels a lot, you’ll find a surprising number of things to like here. Like me, you’ll probably find yourself packing them in your suitcase or backpack on just about any trip you’re taking.

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Kraig Becker