GearJunkie Picks the Best Camping and Backpacking Tents of 2019

With summer now officially here, more than a few of us are probably well into the camping and backpacking season. If you happen to be looking for a new tent to accompany you on those adventures than you’re going to want to check out the latest gear test from our friends over at GearJunkie. The team there has conducted an extensive survey of the current tents on the market in order to discover which ones are worth your time and money. The result is a round up of the very best camping and backpacking tents of 2019, and the results just might surprise you.

In this round-up, the GearJunkie squad tested 16 tents from such manufacturers as Big Agnes, Kelty, Mountain Hardwear, and The North Face, amongst numerous others. Those tents ranged in price from as low as $152 and as much as $1160, with plenty of options in-between. Those models also weighed as little as 1.6 pounds (.73 kg) and as much as 18.5 pounds (8.3 kg). In other words, there was quite a variance in terms of style, cost, weight, and design.

The article also includes a handy buyer’s guide to help tent-shoppers decide which model is best for them. It examines such variables as size and capacity, weather resistance, and overall value. And while the testers acknowledge that finding the right camping shelter can be a very personal process, there are some important factors that we all need to consider before plunking down our hard earned cash.

So which tent took home top honors from GearJunkie? Somewhat surprisingly, it was the Cotopaxi Inti 2, which clock in at 4.6 pounds (2 kg) and costs $450. I say surprisingly not because Cotopaxi doesn’t make great gear, but that the company isn’t necessarily known for its tents. Testers loved the Inti 2 for its versatilely, spacious interior, excellent venting capabilities, and overall design. This allowed it to beat out some very popular models from a variety of other manufacturers, many of which have been making tents for a very long time.

To check out the entire list and see where other models fell in the line-up, click here. The GJ team breaks down the shelters they tested into a variety of categories, including “Best Backpacking”, “Best Budet”, and “Best Family.” In other words, you’re likely to get a great recommendation no matter what your needs are.

Kraig Becker