Nat Geo is Casting a New Adventure Competition Television Show

New Adventure Competition: Looking for your next big adventure? Want to be on television? Better yet, do you want to win $1 million? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then I just might have an opportunity for you. National Geographic is currently casting for a new television show that is being described as “an extreme nonelimination competition that follows four groups of adventurers, each starting from different corners of the earth as the race to a buoy in the middle of the ocean.”

The show is called Race to the Center of the Earth and it comes our way courtesy of Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri, the co-creators of CBS’s long-running reality series The Amazing RaceThe new show is similar at its core in that the teams of three must race across the globe to reach a predefined finish line, but unlike Amazon Race, they aren’t running side-by-side with one another through various stages.

Instead, the four teams competing in Race to the Center of the Earth will all start in different corners of the globe with the goal of reaching the $1 million prize first. Along the way, they’ll face unique challenges, have to navigate remote and difficult terrain, and learn about unique cultures. The teams won’t be eliminated each week either, which is a hallmark of TAR. 

Geoff Daniels, the head of Nat Geo’s reality TV efforts,  said in the press release, “Our goal is to create a gripping, completely real experience that pushes the edges of adventure and embeds viewers in extreme action, breathtaking drama and stunning locations as we follow four highly skilled teams on the race of a lifetime. Unlike other competition formats, Race to the Center of the Earthwill combine the grittiness of a survival show with the cinematic style of a feature film action-thriller dropping viewers into the middle of a heart-pounding journey unlike anything ever made for television.”

The show is further described as “Each team is challenged with navigating their designated route, featuring unpredictable terrains, harsh climates, and unique cultures as they make their way to the finish. Along the way, they will face untamed jungles, frozen arctic, arid deserts, bustling cities, treacherous mountains and vast oceans to reach the location where all four routes intersect — a buoy with the cash prize. The first team to arrive claims it all.”

I have to admit, that sounds pretty interesting. If you agree, and want to take part, there is an online form that you can fill out to get in the running. The form asks for the usual basic information –– like name, address, phone number, etc. It also asks about your teammates, your relationship with one another, why you want to take part in the show, and why others would want to cheer for you. You’ll also be required to upload a one minute video introducing yourself and the team too.

To fill out the form and find out more information, click here. Applications are being taken through July 26 and if you have any questions, you can reach out to casting director Andy Sloan via email.

Kraig Becker