Video: Alan Arnette Explains the Current Climbing Conditions on Everest

Over the past couple of weeks, Mt. Everest has received more than its fair share of media coverage, particularly from the mainstream press, which doesnโ€™t always get the reporting right. Which was why I was happy to come across this clip from PBS, which goes into a bit more depth into what is happening on the worldโ€™s highest peak. Most of the insight given here is thanks to Alan Arnette, who follows the climbing season in the Himalaya each year more closely than anyone I know. His insights and understanding of Everest and the other 8000-meter peaks is top notch, which is why he makes the perfect guest for these kinds of segments. As Alan points out, the crowds on the mountain this year didnโ€™t help matters, but there is more at play here than just the number of people on the mountain.

Kraig Becker