Video: John Oliver Shares His Thoughts on Climbing Mt. Everest

We’ve heard a lot about the climbing scene on Everest in recent weeks, with a number of media outlets sharing their thoughts on the dangers of the mountain and ways to make it safer. In this video, we get yet another take on that subject from an unlikely source. HBO’s John Oliver dedicated the bulk of his weekly show to Everest this past Sunday and his insights are not only spot-on, but incredibly funny too. I guarantee you’ve never seen a television show examine Everest like this before as the British comedian provides some very insightful information, while still managing to skewer the whole Everest debate in new and interesting ways. If you follow Himalayan climbing closely, there isn’t much new to be learned here. But, it is very funny and offers some good perspective on the entire situation. The clip is definitely worth a look and you’re almost certainly going to laugh out loud at some point.

Kraig Becker