Video: Lance Armstrong on the Past, Present, and Future

It has been 20 years since Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France. Since then, he went on to claim victory in six other Tours, and grew into a world wide sports icon and philanthropist who helped thousands of people through his Live Strong foundation. Of course we all know that isn’t the entire story, and in 2012 he had an unceremonious fall from grace as allegations of doping throughout his career proved to be true, turning him into one of the most controversial sports figures of all time. Since then, Armstrong has been working to rebuild his life, legacy, and reputation. In this interview with NBC Sports he says that it took him awhile to understand why people were so upset with him, but that he now “gets it.” He also has been working to change the way he is perceived as he moves on into the next phase of his career and life. The 30-minute clip may come as a surprise for some, as Armstrong still has his legendary brash approach to things, but is more honest, open, and humble than we’ve seen him before. Definitely worth a watch for those who both love and hate the man, who for better or for worse left his an indelible mark on the fabric of sports.

Kraig Becker