Gear Closet: Eddie Bauer BC Uplift Rain Jacket Review

A lightweight rain jacket that performs extremely well breathes nicely, and doesn’t take up much room in your pack is one of the Holy Grails of outdoor gear. Sure, it’s easy to find a rain shell that repels moisture, but most don’t offer a high level of breathability, which causes the wearer to overheat quickly at times.

On top of that, most of those jackets are also a bit thick and bulky, which can make them less than ideal for warm-weather use or when trying to travel light. But the Eddie Bauer BC Uplift Jacket addresses all of those concerns nicely, delivering on the promise of a thin, featherweight rain jacket that is nearly perfect for use in warmer conditions.

A lot of companies claim that their jackets are lightweight, but with the BC Uplift, Eddie Bauer isn’t kidding. This jacket tips the scales at just 7 ounces (198 grams), making it one of the lightest fully-waterproof options on the market.

The Uplift’s origins were as a wind shell so it’s good at providing some protection from strong breezes too. At 7 ounces, it simply doesn’t have the weigh to truly keep the wind off of you, but it does just fine provided you’re wearing it in warm conditions and in winds that aren’t too gusty.


In terms of waterproofing, the BC Uplift is fantastic. Eddie Bauer’s designers used the company’s proprietary StormRepel Super DWR finish to help the jacket shed moisture.

As a result, it keeps the rain out under most conditions. I say most because the only time I got wet when wearing this jacket was in a driving rainstorm when the water was coming down in buckets.

In that case, it wasn’t the waterproof zippers that failed, but instead, a heavy downpour overwhelmed the jacket at the collar and sleeves, allowing some water to reach the interior.

Under more normal rain conditions, the jacket did just fine; however, although a thicker –– less breathable –– shell wouldn’t have been a better choice when I got caught out in a major squall.


Speaking of breathability, the BC Uplift performs very well in that category too. Even in warm conditions, I was able to wear it around without building up a significant sweat.

In those cases, I was only taking short hikes, going to the dog park, or wearing it around town, but I still managed to stay comfortable. As with most rainwear, however, I suspect if I wore it while out for a run I’d still manage to generate plenty of heat underneath.

Your mileage may vary in this area of course, and most rain jackets end up generating plenty of sweat when used in aerobic activities, but Eddie Bauer’s lightweight rain shell does a good job and venting heat and moisture under typical circumstances.

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As a frequent traveler, the BC Uplift has been a staple in my travel bags over the past few months, going with me to Mexico, Canada, and Update New York.

I love this jacket for travel not only because it is so light, but also because it packs up into its own chest pockets for ease of transport. That makes it a good option for use on the trail too, where it can be tucked into a daypack and forgotten about until you absolutely need it.

Uplift Jacket’s Construction

According to Eddie Bauer, the seam-sealed construction methods were used to give the Uplift a 20k/20k waterproof and breathability rating. The jacket also comes with an adjustable hood that fits over most helmets too, making it a worthy option for cycling, climbing, or even skiing.

Two hand pockets and a single chest pocket are about the only other features on this minimalist garment, which looks good and has a fit that was designed to comfortably slip over a mid-layer as needed.

My Final Thoughts

Comfortable, extremely lightweight, surprisingly durable, and able to keep wind and rain at bay, the Eddie Bauer BC Uplift Jacket really does seem like the perfect jacket for active adventurers.

What about the price you ask? Normally, this jacket costs $200, but it has been selling for almost half-off of that price for some time now. Which makes this one of the easiest products I’ve ever had to recommend. At that price, this lightweight rain shell is an absolute steal and it would criminal NOT to buy it.

Kraig Becker