Gear Closet: GSI Outdoors Escape 3L Cooking Pot Review

GSI Outdoors Escape: When it comes to cooking our meals while camping and backpacking we often put a great deal of thought into the stove we use. Usually we’ll consider its size and weight, whether or not it has multiple burners, how many BTUs of heat it puts out, and so on.

What we don’t always put a lot of thought into is cookware that we use with that stove, as we tend to take our old, often outdated, pots and pans with us on our adventures. But with the new Escape HS 3-Liter Pot from GSI Outdoors, we get a good case for why choosing the right cookware is just as important as the stove we use it on.

If you’re not already familiar with GSI Outdoors, you really should familiarize yourself with all of the products they have to offer on their website, and there are a lot of them. The company makes a wide array of items that will make your outdoor experience better, and sells those items at really great prices too.

For instance, you’ll find everything from outdoor drinkware to insulated water bottles to portable tables for setting up at your campsite. You’ll also find stoves, coffee makers, dutch ovens, and more pots and pans than you ever knew you might need or even existed.

The new Escape Pot is just the latest example of the the thoughtfulness and innovation that GSI puts behind its products. On the surface, it looks a lot like many other cooking pots you’ve seen for camping, although it has a few surprises up its sleeve as well.

For instance, its base is made from a special anodized metal that was created to serve as a super-conducting heatsink. This allows the Escape Pot to heat up water and cook food 30% faster than similar models. That also translates into using 30% less fuel too.

But that’s not all, the Escape Pot is also primarily made of very durable silicon, which gives it the ability to collapse down when not in use. The model that I tested is the 3-liter version (a 2-liter pot is available as well), which is substantial in size when cooking.

But when you’re done making your meals and are getting ready to hit the trail, it shrinks down to a surprisingly small size. In its collapsed form, the pot is just 2.1 inches (5.4 cm) thick, making it extremely easy to store in your backpack. GSI says that the escape pot is 60% more compact than similar options from the competition, which alone gives it a lot of appeal.

If you need further evidence of GSI’s attention to detail, consider these features as well. The pot has been molded in such a way that its graduated curves can be used to measure the amount of water and ingredients that are put inside. It also comes with integrated straining holes and silicon thumb pads to help protect your hands from heat. The bottom of the Explore Pot is even treated with teflon, which makes it very easy to clean. The included lid even locks firmly in place using the built-in dual bail handles too.

GSI says that the Escape Pot is mainly designed for car camping, in part because of its weight. Tipping the scales at 1.2 pounds (.54 kg), the 3-liter version may be too heavy for backpackers to consider. That said however, you would only need a pot this larger when you’re supporting a group of hikers.

Those groups also tend to spread communal weight around nicely, so carrying the pot may not be such a big deal after all. And since it’s so small in its collapsed form, it doesn’t really take up a lot of room. The 2-liter version weighs a bit less and is a bit smaller as well for those who are truly counting ounces.

Priced at $59,95, the 3-liter Escape Pot is a fantastic choice for campers and backpackers looking to up their backcountry cuisine and feed a small army at the same time. The pot is efficient, extremely well made, and clever in its design.

If you’ve been waiting for something truly innovative to give you a reason to upgrade your camp cookware, than GSI has given you a good excuse to do so. You won’t regret and chances are you’ll be using this pot for many years to come too.

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Kraig Becker