The Adventure Podcast Episode 69: Apollo 11 –– The Greatest Adventure in Human History?

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news this week, Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In honor of this auspicious event, this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast is dedicated to that historic moment. As our main topic for the week, we take a look at the Apollo mission timeline, the three men who made history as part of that flight, and the tremendous effort that went into making it happen. We also discuss whether or not it is the greatest adventure in human history and how it has impacted the planet as we prepare for another space race to begin.

Before we jump into that topic however, my co-host Dave Adlard and I take a look at the latest adventure news, updating listeners on the the current happenings on K2 and other peaks in Pakistan, as well as providing an update on the 2019 Tour de France. We also share stories of urban climbing in London and man who rowed solo across the Pacific Ocean for 11 months. Later, we wrap up the show with our weekly gear segment, which includes a review of a lightweight rain jacket from Eddie Bauer and women’s underwear (Yes, women’s underwear!) from Branwyn.

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Kraig Becker