Video: A Personal Account of Climbing Everest

Climbing Everest: 2019 has been an important year on Mt. Everest. The video and photos that we’ve seen from the mountain have confirmed that the peak is as busy as ever, potentially leading to tragic –– or even catastrophic –– results in the future. Of course, we’ve also seen a number of personal accounts of what it is like to climb the world’s highest peak, with most ending with a triumphant story of standing on the summit.

That is not the case here. This video is an extremely personal one and shares the thoughts of a young climber who didn’t reach the summit of the mountain. He shares his story, his thoughts, and his emotions after coming up a bit short on this auspicious season on Everest. He also shares some stunningly great video of what it is like to climb the mountain, with impressive views and fantastic scenery too.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Video: A Personal Account of Climbing Everest”

  1. Thanks for sharing
    I was there at the same time and tried to summit island peak , only made 5800 and had to turn back

  2. Great film with stunning footage. Appreciated the honest perspective of the young man. He did indeed, make a wise decision to turn back. Well done!

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