Cambodian Man Survives 4 Days Stuck Between Rocks

Last week I shared a post that detailed the ten greatest survival stories of all time. Who knew that a week later, we might have a new contender to add to the list.

A Cambodian man has survived four days trapped in a narrow crevasse between two rocks after accidentally falling into the crack while collecting bat guano. According to reports, the 28-year old Sum Bora accidentally dropped his flashlight down the crack this past Sunday evening and then proceeded to attempt to retrieve it. Those efforts failed however and he ended up falling in himself, quickly lodging himself into place as a result. Unable to climb back out, all that Bora could do was sit, wait, and hope that someone would find him.

After three days of not hearing from the young man, Bora’s family became worried. They alerted police and provide some information as to where he was going. The following day he was found lodged between the crack and unable to move. It took ten hours –– and more than 200 people –– to extricate him from his position. In order to do so, the rescue team had to very carefully chip away at the rocks that surrounded him until he could be pulled free.

In the very poor country of Cambodia, some farmers collect bat guano to be used as fertilizer in their fields, while others sell it as a commodity to others. Bora reportedly ekes out a living by doing just that, so frequent trips into the wilderness are not uncommon. Generally those excursions don’t last for very long however, which is why his family became worried when he hadn’t returned. Thankfully, not only were they able to contact the proper authorities, they had a good idea of where to begin the search. This is a good reminder that whenever you’re heading out to a remote place that you should share where you’re going and when you expect to be back. It just might save your life.

Bora is reportedly recovering from his injuries and lack of food and water but will be back to full health soon.