The Adventure Podcast Episode 74: Gear, Adventure News, and a Safari Debrief

After a two-week hiatus, The Adventure Podcast returns this week with a new episode. The reason for our most recent break is that I was away in Africa and was unable to record a show while on the road. But, in order to make up for it a bit, our main topic for Episode 74 is a debrief on my safari and visit to Zanzibar, sharing those experiences with listeners who might be interested in doing a journey like that one themselves.

Before we jump into that topic however, my cohost Dave Adlard and I first spend some time catching up on the latest adventure news, including some proposed new regulations for climbing Everest, and the stories of two 70+ year old athletes who are providing plenty of inspiration. In the case of one of those individuals, she is running from the U.K. to Nepal, while the other recently won the Mongol Derby horse race. Later, we wrap up the show by sharing our thoughts on a few pieces of gear we’ve been using. In my case, I salute the humble Buff, which is something I use on an almost-daily basis, while Dave share’s his thoughts on his new Specialized mountain bike.

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Thanks for listening!

Kraig Becker