Video: Clearing Trash From Everest in 360º

Clearing Trash From Everest: A lot has been made about the amount of trash that is found on the slopes of Mt. Everest in recent years, and rightfully so. After nearly a hundred years of climbing on the mountain, there has been a lot of garbage left behind by the expeditions that have visited both the Tibetan and Nepali sides of peak.

These days, there is a concerted effort in place to clean up Everest and significant headway is being made. But this video, which comes our way courtesy of National Geographic, puts things in perspective, particularly since it was shot using a 360º camera that allows the viewer to pan around and see things from different angles.

The clip not only shows us what the environment on Everest is like, but it spotlights the important work being done to clean it up, including the people who are focused on doing just that.