Video: Stunning Footage of a Crack in the Antarctic Ice

Crack in the Antarctic Ice: Over the past few years we’ve seen several stories about massive chunks of ice breaking off from Antarctica, but for the most part we haven’t had a chance to truly see the forces at work behind those calving events. In this video, we travel to the Frozen Continent where stunning footage captured by a drone reveals a massive crack in the ice that is spreading across the Brunt Ice Shelf.

As of last month, just a mile of ice remained before this crack connects with another, causing a potential iceberg the size of Houston, Texas to form. With the crack growing at a rate of several hundred meters per week, it seems like only a matter of time before that occurs, further reducing the size of the Antarctic ice shelves. Here, we get a close up look at what that crack looks like as it inches its way closer and closer to what appears to be the inevitable conclusion.

Kraig Becker