Adventure Quickies: eBikes in National Parks, New Gear, and More!

Every Friday we share adventure news, travel deals, and information about new outdoor gear that we just didn’t have time to fit in anywhere else. This week we have a lot to go over, so lets get started.

  • U.S. Department of the Interior Okay’s eBikes in National Parks: The U.S. Department of the Interior made a bold and controversial move this past week by announcing that it would now allow electric bikes to be used on trails within America’s national parks. Those bikes are restricted to trails that already allow mountain bike access, but this is the first time such a move has been approved. The Adventure Journal has a rundown of the details on this story.
  • Swedish Researchers Rescued From Arctic Ice: 16 crew members aboard the Swedish research ship M/S Malmö had to be rescued earlier in the week when the ship became entangled in the ice in the Arctic Ocean. The crew was taken to Norway’s Longyearbyen, although seven stayed behind in an effort to free the vessel. Read all about it here.
  • Climber Abandons Rowing Machine on Mont Blanc: If your’e looking for a truly odd story this week, look no further than Chamonix in France. The mayor of that center for outdoor adventure expressed outrage when it was revealed that a climber – a member of Britain’s Royal Marines no less – hauled a rowing machine to the summit of Mont Blanc as a stunt, then left said rowing machine on the mountain. Check out the full story here.
  • Black Bears Kills Woman in Remote Region of Canada: Sad news from Red Pine Island in Canada this week, where it was revealed that a 62-year old woman was attacked and killed by three black bears.  As GearJunkie points out, black bears are very common in Ontario, where the attack occurred, but they are rarely ever aggressive. Red Pine Island is located on Rainy Lake, where the woman was camping at the time.
  • BioLite Launches Limited Edition Preparedness Bundles: September is Preparedness Month and to celebrate, BioLite has launched three unique and limited bundles designed for use when things go off the rails. The models include the Prep Kit Family, Prep Kit Apartment, and Prep Kit Solo, which of which includes solar charging panels, light sources, and water filtration products, and more. Grab one for yourself here.
  •  Austin Adventures Launches New Travel Portal for Travel Professionals: Austin Adventures has been organizing and leading adventure travel trips for years and are amongst the best in the business. Naturally, travel professionals like to sell those trips to clients and in order to make that easier, the company has now launched a new travel advisor website to assist in those efforts.
  • Catalyst Launches Waterproof Cases for iPad and iPad Mini: Right now, the big IFA tech show is taking place in Berlin, and case manufacture Catalyst is on hand to make a few announcements. Chief amongst them is the release of new waterproof cases for the iPad 10.5″ iPad, as well as the iPad Mini. These new cases feature an IPX68 rating, which is perfect for protecting your tablet from the elements while on a big adventure. The Mini version runs $99.99, while the iPad model is $129.99. Visit the Catalyst website to find out more.
  • G Adventures Announces 12 New Animal-Friendly Tours Under Jane Goodall Collection: Toronto-based G Adventures has announced an expansion to its Jane Goodall Collection of wildlife-centric tours. The new trips include options to go on safari in Tanzania, spot komodo dragons in Indonesia, and search for leopards and elephants in Nepal.

That’s all for now! See you next Friday!

Kraig Becker