Video: The New Land Rover Defender – Reimagining an Icon

The adventure world is abuzz this week with news of the arrival of a new Land Rover Defender. We’ve seen news stories and videos introducing the new vehicle, which has been an icon in exploration and adventure for decades. But redesigning this legendary model wasn’t easy.

It is a much beloved machine with an instantly-recognizable look and a rich history that is admired and beloved. So how did Land Rover pull it off? In this video, you’ll hear about it directly from the company itself. I’ve already gone on record as saying that I love the looks and tech behind the 2020 Defender. Now, I just need to figure out how to pay for one.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: The New Land Rover Defender – Reimagining an Icon”

  1. On your recent podcast you guys discussed the mountain that’s changed elevation because of climate change, and then you say “we have to get off our asses and start doing something”. Then you give coverage to crap like this, c’mon man. You well know that 99% of these vehicles will be used by wealthy suburban families to get groceries and simultaneously waste gas and help drive us faster toward climate Armageddon. Stop paying lip service to climate change and practice what you preach – wasteful crap like this doesn’t deserve coverage on your blog.

    I’m a fan of your blog and podcast, but really, you can do better.

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