Hastings Overland Expands to Southern California

This past summer I had the chance to travel to British Columbia, where the team at Hastings Overland outfitted me with a fully-stocked Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I then spent a full week exploring the backcountry there, using the Wrangler as an overlanding vehicle, wandering Canadian highways, backcountry roads, and even jeep trails into remote areas of BC .

It turned out to be a fantastic adventure, and a great way to see that part of the world, which is why I wrote about that experience here. I ended up enjoying the experience so much that I wanted to give my friends Max and Cory at Hastings a bit of an overdue plug for the their latest expansion of the business, as the company has now opened up an office in San Diego where they have taken their same tried-and-true formula of offering kitted-out Jeeps for rent, but providing completely new and different landscapes to explore.

If you read my original story back when I posted it, you may recall that the Hasting’s Jeeps aren’t just equipped to be fantastic vehicles for use on and off-road, they, all have some great features that travelers will love.

For instance, they all include a rooftop tent that is easy to assemble, comfortable to sleep in, and spacious enough for two or three people. The vehicles also have refrigerated coolers, two-burner camp stoves, cooking utensils and kitchen gear, first aid kits, and a variety of other useful things to make your overlanding experience a good one.

One of the things that truly helps Hastings Overland to stand out from the crowd is the company’s ability to help travelers create a trip plan. Don’t get me wrong, you can show up and set out with out any kind of plan in mind, but if you’re looking for a little direction, Max and Cory can help out.

That same approach has been extended to Southern California too, where they can assist in creating itineraries that can take you to Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and beyond. San Diego is a prime location to serve as a starting point, as it can lead to so many great destinations. The adventurous may even be able to take one of the Jeeps across the border into Mexico, where the Baja awaits.

If you liked the idea of an overlanding trip with the major details taken care of for you, but were looking for an alternative location than British Columbia, perhaps SoCal will be more to your liking.

For starters, it is much easier to travel there in the winter and the sunny beaches, warm deserts, snowcapped mountains, and dense forests that are all accessible from San Diego are worth a visit. Check out the Hastings Overland website for more info and to see how you can sign up.

Congrats to Max and Cory on the success of their company and their expansion. Well done guys!