Lonely Planet Unveils Best in Travel for 2020

With October quickly drawing to a close, and the end of the year not as far off as we’d all like to think, it is time to start making plans for our big adventures to come in 2020. To help make that a little easier, our friends over at Lonely Planet have announced their Best in Travel for 2020, giving us their expertly-curated suggestions on where to go and what to do next year and beyond.

As is typical with Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel announcements, there is a lot to digest here. The site not only shares its picks for the Ten Best Countries to Visit in 2020, but also the Top Cities, Regions, and the Best Places to Visit for Value too. You’ll also discover some interesting and unique travel essays and thought pieces as well, giving us all something to ponder when it comes to traveling smarter and more sustainably too.

Naturally, there is far too much to break down and share here in a single blog post, but I can take a look at LP’s picks for the best countries to visit and remark on the ones that offer the top opportunities for adventure. For instance, the number one country on that list is Bhutan, which is a place that is known for its outstanding mountain trekking. It is one of those places that should be on every adventure traveler’s list of must-visit spots, with an amazing blend of culture, beautiful landscapes, spiritual connections, and more. And while all of the countries that made the cut do offer some form of adventure, places like North Macedonia, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Uruguay all stand out for a variety of reasons.

Similarly, the “Best Value” category also offers some good options for anyone looking to add a dash of adventure to their lives without spending a fortune. A few destinations worth nothing here include Azerbaijan, Serbia, Tunisia, and Zanzibar in Tanzania. I happened to visit the last of those locations on my visit to East Africa in August and absolutely loved it. The island vibe was a nice surprise, blending traditional African culture with influences from the Middle East and India too. The result was a place that left me wanting more and planning a return visit in the future.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg for Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2020. There is so much to read, view, and think about that it’s likely to keep you busy for several days, if not more. But if you’re starting to think about where you want to go next year, I can’t think of a better place to begin your planning.

Check it out here.

Kraig Becker