Nims and Company Safely Down on Shishapangma

Yesterday’s news that Nirmal “Nims” Purja had completed his Project Possible expedition brought a sense of relief and joy to those who have been following him over the past 6+ months. But, as several website rightly pointed out, the summit is only the halfway point and he and his team still had to get down safely. Fortunately, that looks like it has now happened, as the group has now shared a summit photo and some updates on social media reflecting on the accomplishment.

While details of the final climb are a bit scare, Nims has posted two updates to Facebook with some mostly inspirational platitudes celebrating the end of his journey. The first of those updates reads:

“Everything in life is possible armed only with determined approach and positive mindset.”
14/14 in 6months, 6days ?? .”

The first line is a direct look into Nims’ mindset throughout this project, as he has always remained positive, outgoing, and focused. The other line is an indication of where the new record stands in terms of how fast he climbed all 14 8000-meter peaks. Previously it had taken climbers 7 years, 10+ months to complete that objective, but Nims has done it in just six months and six days. Impressive indeed.

A second post to social media came 21 hours after the first, reading:

“United we conquer ! Here is to The A-team ??

(Climbing team )
Mingma David Sherpa , Gesman Tamang, Galjen Sherpa, Lakpa Dendi Sherpa and Halung Dorchi Sherpa
The journey of 14/7 has tested us all the way though at many levels. Together we have been through so much, we climbed not only as a team but as brothers with one sole goal to make the impossible possible pushing the human limitations to next level. Now, the BROTHERHOOD that we share between us is even STRONGER ! “

This one is clearly a salute to the men who helped Nims on this mission, overcoming some challenging logistical problems, standing by him on the mountains, and helping him to get up and down safely. It should be pointed out that Mingma David Sherpa also notched his 14th 8000-meter peak with a successful climb of Shishapangma, making Nims and him the 43rd and 44th individuals to accomplish that feat respectively. Mingma David is also the youngest person to climb all of those mountains at the age of just 30.

Unfortunately, is has only been a little more than 24 hours since Nims completed his quest and already there are some on the Internet who looking to poke holes in his accomplishment. Some have taken umbrage with his use of helicopters to travel between Base Camps for instance, or that he used oxygen throughout. In today’s anonymous Internet culture, these kinds of negative comments are pretty much a given. Thankfully, in general, Nims has mostly drawn universal praise not only for what he has done, but for his positive attitude throughout.

Once again, a big congratulations to not just Nims, but Mingma David, Gesman, Galjen, Lakpa Dendi, and Halung Dorchi as well. It has been an amazing ride all year long.