Shameless Plug: My Second Book is Available Today!

Allow me to take a moment to make a shameless plug for another project I’ve been working on with my friend and co-author Don Mann. Don and I have written a series of new books called the “Trident Trilogy” that continues the themes and messages that we started with our first book Reaching Beyond Boundaries. The goal with RBB was always to inspire and motivate readers with tales not only of Don’s exploits as a former Navy SEAL, but also share the stories of other extraordinary people who have done amazing things as well. We took a similar approach with our latest books as well and chances are, if you liked Ruching Beyond Boundaries, you’re going to enjoy the Trident Trilogy too.

The first book in the Trident Trilogy was released in hardback today and is called Overcoming ObstaclesAs the name implies, the book is about how to find ways to surmount the challenges that we face in our lives, many of which are often of our own making. Once again, we examine how Navy SEALs would tackle this issue, but also take some lessons learned from other highly motivated and achieving individuals from sports, business, exploration, and other walks of life as well. Hopefully those stories, along with a host of motivational quotes, will prove helpful in bringing some focus and drive to the lives of readers.

The second two books in the Trident Trilogy – Facing Your Fears and Choosing Your Battles – are scheduled to hit bookstores in the first half of 2020. These two volumes will offer a similar format and structure as Overcoming Obstacles, although as you can probably tell from the titles, they’ll focus on completely different topics. Our hope is that together, they’ll serve as yet another basis for finding inspiration and motivation to push towards your ultimate goals in life and achieve the things that you want to do.

A big thanks to everyone who bought Ruching Beyond Boundaries. It is a book that I’m extremely proud of and the feedback has been amazing. The Trident Trilogy continues that legacy moving forward, so if you’re looking for something good to read, give it a go. It’ll also make a great gift in the upcoming holiday season too.

Kraig Becker