Video: Audi’s Off-Road Adventure Vehicle From the Future

Audi’s Off-Road Adventure: A few weeks back I shared a video from Audi that introduced us to its latest concept vehicle, the AI:Trail Quattro. That clip came directly from the automaker, and gave us a high-level look at the AI:Trail in action, although only with actors/models driving it in a predetermined setting.

This video puts the spacey-looking vehicle into the hands of an actual car reviewer, who takes us for a tour of the inside and outside of the unusual off-roader that looks like something straight out of a science fiction film.

Will we ever see the AI:Trail go into production? That seems rather doubtful. Still, it’s great fun to look at and it has some features that we can all appreciate, some of which may just make their way into the cars we own down the line.

Kraig Becker