Video: The Man Who Grew Up in Antarctica

Meet Dion Poncet. To say he’s had a different life than most of the rest of us would be an understatement. He was born on a sailboat in a harbor off South Georgia Island in the Southern Ocean.

His father was a French sailor and his mother an Austrian zoologist and as a result, Dion spent most of the formative years of his life sailing around Antarctica, exploring hidden coves and uncharted bays while cataloging the animals and plants that they found there. Now, several decades later, he’s leaving this place that has been a part of him for so long. This video shares his story.


1 thought on “Video: The Man Who Grew Up in Antarctica”

  1. This is an extremely moving video about Antarctica. I’m so interested in it, and I’m so sad that we as a species are so destructive… in our planet’s destruction ie global warming plus incessant fishing. Go vegan and stop all this abuse of our environment and animals.
    This man has had a wonderful upbringing, his heart must be breaking with such catastrophic changes to his childhood home.

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