Video: What is Red Bull Rampage?

Today, the biggest, baddest, wildest mountain biking event in the world is taking place in Virgin, Utah. That’s where the top riders in the sport have gathered to take on the Red Bull Rampage, an event so gnarly that literally millions of people will be tuning in across the globe to watch it unfold. What exactly makes Rampage stand out from all of the other mountain biking events that take place on an annual basis? This video helps to sort it out, giving you an introduction to the riders and their crews, which help them create some of the hardest and most creative lines down the side of a mountain that you’ve ever seen. In fact, when you see where they intend to ride their bikes, there is a good chance you’ll think they’re just a little bit crazy. You might be right. This is Red Bull Rampage.

Kraig Becker