Gear Closet: Mammut Broad Peak Light Jacket Review

Mammut Broad Peak Light Jacket

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who spends any time in colder conditions, chances are you view a down jacket the same way you do a comfortable pair of jeans. It is a downright essential part of your wardrobe and you can’t imagine how you’d ever get along in life without it.

Like a pair of jeans, a down jacket is something that can be worn on a wide variety of occasions and never really goes out of style. And just like your favorite pair of blue jeans, when you find a jacket that you like, you never want to give it up, wearing it until you absolutely have to move on to something new.

That’s kind of the feeling I get with the Broad Peak Light jacket from Mammut, a do-everything, a go-anywhere option that doesn’t have a lot of frills, but is exactly what you want for active outdoor pursuits.

Lightweight Warmth

As its name implies, the Broad Peak Light is meant to be a lightweight insulating layer for outdoor athletes. To that end, it weighs in at a mere 245 grams (8.6 ounces), which means it won’t weigh you down or take up much room in your bag.

It also means that it probably isn’t going to be as warm as some of the larger, bulkier down jackets on the market. In fact, this is a layer that is meant for wearing while you’re being active, rather than afterward or in temperatures that tend to be cool or borderline cold.

I’ve been wearing it on 30ºF (-1ºC) mornings, however, and have found it to be super comfortable and warm in those conditions, particularly when I’m hiking or just taking the dogs for a walk.

Build Quality

Inside, the Broad Peak Light is stuffed with goose down feathers with an 850 fill power rating.

On the outside, it is made up of Pertex Quantum materials, which are both wind and water repellent. This combination has proven to be surprisingly effective in all kinds of weather ranging from wildly changing temperatures to steady rains and high winds too.

This helps to make this jacket a go-to option when I’m uncertain about what the weather will be in a few hour’s time, as it is versatile enough to meet your needs both now, and when conditions change later in the day.

Other thoughtful design options include elastic cuffs and hem to keep the draft and moisture out and smooth pulling YKK zippers.

The Broad Peak is also harness and backpack compatible, with its zippered pockets positions in such a way that they are accessible even when wearing those items. The jacket is even highly packable, squeezing itself into one of its own pockets.

This is a favorite feature for me, as it helps me to stay more organize and travel lighter when I hit the road.

Available in four different color combinations, the Broad Peak Light somehow manages to look both classic and new at the same time. It has an athletic cut and aesthetic that looks like it could have come off the mountain yesterday or three decades ago, but in a really nice way.

When you look closer, you see a more modern design in how the jacket is constructed, including unique baffles, stitching, and other elements. Again, just like a great pair of jeans, it’s hard to tell what era they come from, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because they just look so good.

Well Built Versatility

I often mention how much I like really versatile pieces of gear in my reviews, in large part because we all like to take fewer things with us when traveling and good gear allows us to do that.

The Broad Peak fits squarely into that category thanks to its outstanding warmth to weight ratio, ability to pack down nicely, and it’s good looks. This is a jacket you can wear on the trail all day and then out for dinner in the evening, without missing a beat.

It will also serve you well whether you’re hiking, camping, trail running, climbing, or just running errands around town. That’s the kind of usefulness that is hard to top.

As you can probably tell, I really love this jacket, however if there were one think I’d like to see changed, I would potentially be the addition of a hood. This is a bit of a personal preference, as I know others who are happy to eschew the hood if it means saving a few ounces.

I’m in the opposite direction though, willing to add a few ounces for a bit of extra protection from the elements. That said, it is easy enough to throw on a cap when I need one, I just wouldn’t mind having a hood built-in for those “just in case” moments.

The Broad Peak Light falls squarely in the mid-range of a good down jacket. In this case, you’re paying for how lightweight and performant that it is, as you can obviously find warmer jackets for less money.

My Final Thoughts

You’ll be hard-pressed to find lighter jackets, that are also this warm and supportive of your favorite outdoor activities, at a lower price. This jacket is more than the sum of its parts, and that is somewhat reflected in the price tag.

For mountain athletes looking for a high level of performance, however, it is more than worth the money.

Warm, comfortable, built for everyday use, and a great travel jacket, the Broad Peak Light earns a big thumbs up from me. You’ll be thoroughly impressed with how lightweight it is and then you’ll be completely blown away by everything else it brings to the table.