The Adventure Podcast Episode 82: Breaking Down Project Possible and Nims Purja’s Mountaineering Accomplishment

There is no question that Nims Purja’s Project Possible expedition has captured the imagination of climbers and a mainstream audience alike. But in the wake of a successful summit of Shishapangma, which dropped the curtain on the initiative, Nims has found himself the target of criticism from those who say his use of oxygen, fixed ropes, established routes, and other items detracts from what he has accomplished.

On this week’s show, we’ll take a look at some of those criticisms, discuss whether or not they’re warranted, and share our thoughts. We’ll also share some quotes from some of the biggest names in the history of mountaineering who weigh in on the topic as well.

Before we dive into that discussion however, we first get caught up on the latest adventure news. Topics this week include an epic expedition across Antarctica that promise to be the longest ever, a cyclists attempting a speed record for riding from Norway to South Africa, and a Spanish alpinist getting a five-year ban from climbing in Nepal.

As usual, we wrap up the show with our weekly Gear Picks, with my co-host Dave Adlard sharing his thoughts on a JBL Bluetooth speaker, while I offer up my long-awaited thoughts on The North Face’s innovative new fabric — Futurelight.

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