Video: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Winter Camping

Yesterday we shared a video that offered tips on how to best store your camping gear for the winter months, ensuring that it is in top condition for when spring arrives. Of course, this being The Adventure Blog, I know there were plenty of readers who immediately thought “Wait, what? And skip out on winter camping?” Yes, camping in the winter can be incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun too, provided you have the gear and knowledge to help you stay comfortable along the way. If you’ve wanted to give winter camping a shot, this video is for you. It offers up some good tips on how to get a good night’s sleep in the backcountry, even when there is snow on the ground and the mercury has taken a plunge.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Winter Camping”

  1. Never understood why sleeping pads aren’t longer. You’re stuffing sacks, bags, anything really, at the bottom of your pad where your feet hang off???? WTF? Those things first of all aren’t made for that, and second of all will never stay put. All of the other tips are solid!

    • I agree, and as someone who is quite tall, this can be a challenge at times. There is one simple reason why a lot of sleeping pads run short though. It’s to cut weight. If they are smaller and shorter, they won’t weigh as much and most people only care about having padding under their back. In the winter though, your legs and feet can get cold without a good pad too.

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