Adventure Quickies: Polar Bear Invasion, Greta Thunberg Person of the Year, and More

Polar Bear Invasion: Each week I come across way more news stories, gear reviews, travel deals, and other items than I have time or space to cover. That’s why I created a weekly round up called “Adventure Quickies” to try to share a few extra links that I think you might enjoy. Here are a few for this week that you may have missed:

  • Polar Bears Invade Russian Town: Climate change has caused the Arctic ice to take longer to freeze each year, with is interrupting the annual migration of polar bears as they head north. How has this impacted things? More than 60 polar bears have invaded a single Russian town waiting for their chance to head out onto the ice.
  • Greta Thunberg is Time’s Person of the Year: Speaking of climate change, 16-year old environmental activist Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year this week. She also managed to annoy President Trump in the process, so it was a win-win.
  • Arctic Undergoing Massive Changes Sooner Than Expected: We’re continuing a trend here, as the climate news kept rolling in. NOAA released its annual Arctic Report Card a few days back, and as you’ve probably guessed, the news isn’t good. Wildlife populations are plummeting, sea ice is in full retreat, and temperatures are on the rise. Worse yet, there is a startling amount of carbon dioxide stored in the Arctic tundra that is suddenly getting released into the air.
  • This is Your Brain on Antarctica: Another report this week took a look at the long term effects of living in Antarctica for extended periods of time. A study of individuals who spent 14 months working at an Antarctic base indicates that their brains shrunk while they were there. The cause? Most likely boredom.
  • MODL is the Utility Water Bottle Made for Adventurers: After a highly-successful crowd campaign, the MODL Utility Water Bottle is now available. What makes it special? It’s packable and easy to travel with, it’s highly versatile, making it just as easy to take a drink as it is to clean up your gear, and it can filter 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa from your drinking water. All for $125.
  • Registration Now Open for 2020 Alpenglow Sports Mountain Festival: Looking for something to do in February or 2020? That seems like a long way off, but it’s really not as far as you think. On Tuesday of this week, registration opened for the 2020 Alpenglow Sports Mountain Festival in Lake Tahoe. There, you’ll find 85 different sports and events to take part in from February 15-23.
  • Exodus Travel Introduces Micro-Adventures: Sometimes our busy lives, careers, and activities don’t allow us to escape for extended travel, even though we all know that it is good for us. To help with that, Exodus Travel has introduced a series of Micro-Adventures called Exodus Edits, which are aimed at busy, young professionals who are looking for and adventure without a major time commitment.
  • Outside Shares Tips For Traveling More Sustainably: While we’re on the topic of travel, Outside magazine recently shared some good tips on how we can be more eco-friendly, even while jetting off to see the world. This is an ongoing challenge for those of us who love to explore but also are very cognizant of our carbon footprint.

That’s it for this Friday! More to come next week!