Big Thanks to Korkers for Sponsoring The Adventure Blog

I wanted to take a quick opportunity to thank my friends at Korkers for once again sponsoring The Adventure Blog this month. The company has been a big supporter of the site for some time now, and it is much appreciated on my end.

For those who don’t know, Korkers makes high quality, super-durable, and affordable traction footwear for use in several outdoor activities. The company makes great boots for fishing, industrial work, and of course, the outdoors.

What separates them from most other boots is not only the changeable soles but the carbide lugs that provide excellent traction while you’re on the ice, in water, or just about any other kind of slick terrain.

But, let’s face it, not all of us need those kinds of heavy-duty boots for activities or work.

Thankfully, Korkers also makes a line of Ice Cleats that can be used by trail runners, backpackers, or just someone who has to navigate an icy walk on their way to work. I’m particularly keen on their Ice Runner models, which use the Boa lacing system to create just the right fit.

With winter about to arrive in full-force here in the Northern Hemisphere, having a pair of Korkers at your disposal certainly comes in hand. Check out their entire line of products at And again, a big thank you to the Korker’s team!

Kraig Becker