Gear Junkie Highlights the 2019 Gear of the Year

The end of 2019 is squarely in sight and next week this time we’ll be preparing to usher in a new year. But that doesn’t mean there still isn’t some time left over to look back and reflect on the year that has passed. Of course, most people do this by thinking about their time with their friends and family, considering the lessons they’ve learned in the past 12 months, or even taking stock of the accomplishments they’ve made on a personal and professional level. Being outdoor enthusiasts and gear nerds however, we take a bit of a different approach, choosing to consider our favorite new gear that we’ve used instead. Last week, that’s exactly what my friends at Gear Junkie did by revealing their picks for the 2019 Gear of the Year, with some outstanding products that you’ll want to have on your radar heading into 2020.

What exactly makes the cut as “Gear of the Year” for 2019? I won’t spoil all of the the fun, but let’s just say its a surprising list with a few items that I definitely expected to be there, along with a bunch of things I haven’t tested or thought would earn a spot. For instance, I’m not surprised to find The North Face’s Futurelight fabrics earn a mention, nor was it totally unexpected to discover the Nite Ize Tru Zip waterproof zippers amongst the winners. I didn’t see a tailgate on GMC pickup truck taking home GOTY honors however, nor did I expect to find Yeti’s $800 stainless steel version of its cooler there either.

As always with Gear Junkie, you can bet that a lot of thought and testing went into the selection of these items, which offer something for hikers, backpackers, skiers, mountain bikers, or just about anyone else who does something outdoors. You can read the entire article, and discover what other products won Gear of the Year honors, by clicking here.