The Adventure Blog’s Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide 2019

In case you haven’t been keeping up with current events, we’re now just a week away from the 2019 holidays, which means the countdown is on for the number of shopping days that are remaining. If you have an outdoor enthusiast or adventure traveler on your list, and yet you’re continuing to struggle with what to buy them this year, here are a few last minute suggestions to help you put a big smile on their face next week.

Pelican G40 Charge Case ($99.95)
Pelican Ruck Cases are a great gift for the outdoor lover, providing a handy and durable storage compartment for carrying all kinds of goodies. But the new G40 Charge Case takes things a step further by integrating a 10,000 mAh battery into the case, allowing users to recharge their phones as many as four times using both a USB port or built in Qi wireless charging. Of course, the G40 is also water and crush proof too, making it a fantastic accessory.

mountain khakis all montain

Mountain Khakis Pants (Varies)
My favorite travel and adventure pants are without a doubt Mountain Khakis. Not only do they look great, but they’re durable, versatile, and very comfortable too. This makes them extremely easy to recommend for both someone who travels a lot or spends a good deal of time outdoors. But beyond that, they have a classic look that makes them ideal for a night out on the town or just running errands too. There are literally dozens of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, with something for pretty much everyone. Trust me, when it comes to pants I’m difficult to fit, but MK always has me covered.

relay communication device

Relay Communications and GPS Tracking Device ($49.99 each)
Staying in communications while traveling or in the backcountry can be a challenge, but the Relay communications device make it a lot simpler, providing a hands-free option with a push-to-talk feature that allows adventurers and travelers to send messages to one another as if using a walkie talkie. The difference? This device does so much more, like having built-in GPS tracking and geofencing, a virtually unlimited range, smartphone compatibility for creating groups, and an SOS feature. Everything you could ask for at a fairly affordable price, although you’ll need at least two to make them truly viable.


ROVR Artist-Series Camp Lanterns ($59.99)
For a truly unique and stylish gift, check out the ROVR Artist-Series Camp Lanterns. Styled like something you’d have used around the campsite 50 years ago, yet with modern technology inside, these lanterns offer 6-8 hours of light from their rechargeable batteries, and have a USB port for recharging a phone too. Beyond that however, ROVR has pattered with artist Phil Lewis to provide a colorful and whimsical look to the light, which is sure to be a hit around any campfire.


grayl bottle

Grayl Water Purifier ($89.99)
Drinking fresh, clean water while in the backcountry or visiting a foreign country is essential to saying healthy and fit. The Grayl filtration bottle is one of the absolute best options for doing that and it is dead-simple to operate. Just fill it with water, then push down to filter out 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and even micro-plastics. This is a must have for any adventurer and if you order today or tomorrow they’ll still guarantee delivery before Christmas with free three-day shipping.

Anker powerline cable

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable ($19.99)
Frequent travelers often have to carry a plethora of charging cables with them jus to keep all of their gadgets functioning on the road. But with the Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable all they really need is one. This cable comes with standard USB-A on one end, and interchangeable tips to convert to USB-C, Micro USB, and Apple Lightning on the other. This makes handy for charging just about any gadget you take with you on the road, and its far less expensive than buying three different cables too.

rei giftcard

Gift Cards (Varies)
Yes, I know gift cards can seem like an easy way out when you don’t necessarily know what to purchase someone. But honestly, they are an extremely thoughtful gift, allowing that person to get the one thing they really want. Buying a gift card to a gear shop like REI or even Amazon isn’t saying that you’re giving up, it’s saying “I want you to have what you want and need.” Speaking for myself, it is one of the best things I can receive each year.

RBB holidays

My Books: Reaching Beyond Boundaries and Overcoming Obstacles ($17.99/$16.99)
My shameless plug in this holiday gift guide is for my own two books both of which have come out in the past year. Reaching Beyond Boundaries is all about how to set big goals for yourself and go on to achieve them. It’s filled with all kinds of stories from my co-author Don Mann’s life as both a Navy SEAL and a world-class endurance athlete. But, we also fill up the book with stories of others who have achieved great things in exploration, sports, business, and beyond. The follow-up book, Overcoming Obstacles is the first in a new trilogy with similar themes, but with a bit more focus on the SEALs, their training, and operations. Again, there are lots of stories of others achieving interesting and big things that I think readers of all types will enjoy. Then again, what do I know, I’m a bit biased.

Happy holidays folks! Thanks for being a part of The Adventure Blog extended family!

Kraig Becker