The Adventure Podcast Episode 86: Adventure Badass Sir Ranulph Fiennes

It’s been a few months since we last inducted someone into our Adventure Badass Hall of Fame on The Adventure Podcast. We rectify that this week with the inclusion of none other than Sir Ranulph Fiennes to that esteemed list.

“Sir Ran” as he’s know in the adventure community has an impressive resume and list of accomplishments under his belt, including skiing to both the North and South Pole, summiting Everest, running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, and even locating a lost city.

We’ll lay out the case for why he belong on our list, which includes the tale of Fiennes famously cutting off his own fingers.

Before we jump into our main topic of the week however, we start things off with Adventure News. This week’s topics include an update on the progress of Mike Horn and Borge Ousland, an unexpected climbing team for K2 this winter, and a story about how Nims Purja has found himself on the wrong side of the law in Nepal.

Later, Dave and I share our weekly Gear Picks, with Dave offering up his thoughts on an inexpensive waterproof backpack from Gecko, while I review a set of lights for your shoes that can keep you safe while running and hiking in the dark.

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