Video: Following the Jordan Trail in Jordan

Having recently visited the country of Jordan with my friends at Flash Pack, this video struck a particular chord with me. Not only does it highlight many of the things that I saw and did on my own journey, it offers some insights into adventures yet to be done there. Most notably, trekking along the Jordan Trail, an ancient walking path that has been used for hundreds of years. All told, the path runs for more than 650 km (403 miles) from Umm Qais to Aqaba, with highlights of the entire country along the way. After checking out this clip, not only will Jordan rise up the list of places to visit, you’ll probably want to hike this trail along the way too.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: Following the Jordan Trail in Jordan”

  1. It’s very annoying to try to watch videos like this, where they’re edited so tightly, with images flashing for less than 1 second. I had to give up.

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