Video: Riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route with Lael Wilcox

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is one of the most challenging long-distance off-road cycling routes in the entire world. Each year, a group of dedicated and experienced riders set out to race the length of that trail, covering more than 2745 miles (4418 km) as part of the Tour Divide race. That event begins in Banff, Canada and ends in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, with a whole lot of scenery and adventure packed in between.

In this great documentary, we join rider Lael Wilcox as she sets out to conquer the trail as part of the Tour Divide event. As you’ll see, she gets everything she could have asked for and more. Warning: This video may induce sudden urges to ride your mountain bike for very long distances.

Kraig Becker