20 Low-Budget, High-Experience Trips for 2020

High Experience Trips: After posting 20 bucket-list worthy trips for 2020 from Backpacker magazine two days ago, and 20 big travel adventures for the year ahead from Men’s Journal yesterday, today we dip back into the travel space once again today for yet more suggestions on things to do in 2020.

This time, the list comes our way courtesy of Outside magazine, which takes a different approach to its round-up of things to see and do this year. The basis for this latest wanderlust-inspiring rundown? 20 affordable trips to take you around the world.

As the title implies, the various destinations that made the cut on Outside‘s round-up were selected because they each have an aspect that makes them more budget-friendly this year.

To that end, the destinations are broken down into several categories, including places that are currently offering cheap airfare, locations that currently have a good exchange rate versus the U.S. dollar, and destinations that can be reached for almost next to nothing. There are also options for tours that are at all-time low prices as well, for those who would prefer to let someone else do all of the planning.

So where exactly does Outside suggest you go? The options are actually quite diverse, with a little something for just about everyone. For instance, China and Japan are lauded for their affordable airfare, while Canada, Chile, and Argentina get the nod thanks to their favorable exchange rate.

Alaska and Costa Rica make the cut as places that can be explored on the cheap, while Antarctica and the Azores get top honors for having some of the best travel tour deals in quite some time. Yes, you read that right, Antarctica. In this case, the price is a bit relative, as visiting the frozen continent is never cheap. Still, for 2020, there are some outstanding deals to be had.

The great thing about all of these travel list articles that we’ve seen over the past few days is that they are great for stirring discussion and to get the brain thinking about where you want to go in the year ahead. 2020 is just getting started, and the possibilities are endless, so why not start planning now. You can do that by checking out Outside‘s list here.

Kraig Becker