A Big Thank You To Korkers!

The next couple of days will be all about getting things back on track here at The Adventure Blog after taking some time off for the holidays. That means not only catching up with what’s been going on in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration while I was away, but also taking care of some business too.

That means sending a big shout out to my friends at Korkers for once again sponsoring the website for the month of December. The company has been a big supporter of the blog for quite some time and I always appreciate when they sign up to be one of my sponsors, which they’ve done not only here, but on The Adventure Podcast too.

If you’re not familiar with Korkers, they’re a company that makes innovative shoes, boots, and other devices for helping us keep our traction on icy, wet, and muddy surfaces. For instance, their line of fishing boots are made to keep anglers on their feet, even as they wade out into a rushing river.

Similarly, the Korkers work boots are made for use around the job site, while their outdoor models are built for the trail. What makes them stand out from similar boots from other companies however, is that you can change the grip on the sole based on your specific conditions.

The Polar Vortex 1200 boot is a good example of this, offering up one sole that is made for use on snow and another for use on ice. Depending on the surface conditions that you’re dealing with, you simply switch out the sole to meet your specific needs, with the entire process taking just seconds.

Of course, Korkers also offers a line of ice cleats as well, which can quickly and conveniently add extra traction to any pair of shoes or boots that you already own. These are the products from the company that I use the most, as I can add them to a pair of running shoes before setting out for a run for example, or clip them on a pair of hiking boots to add extra grip during unexpected bad weather.

The ice cleats are also more affordable than buying a completely new set of shoes or boots as well, which makes them a good entry-level option for those looking to give Korkers products a go.

Once again, a big thank you to Korkers for supporting the blog. I appreciate it immensely.

Kraig Becker