Lonnie Dupre is Crowdfunding His 2021 Greenland Dogsled Adventure

Greenland Dogsled Adventure: American explorer Lonnie Dupre has always been a trailblazer when it comes to doing things his own way. After all, he is the first person to climb Denali solo in January, while other past expeditions have included crossing the Bearing Strait by dogsled, traversing the Northwest Passage by dogsled, and he traveled to the North Pole twice.

But in 2021, Dupre hopes to return to the place where he has had one of his greatest adventures to do yet another journey by dogsled, although first he’s going to have to survive the challenges and perils of crowdfunding.

Back in 2001, Dupre—along with expedition partner John Hoelscher—completed the first circumnavigation of Greenland by dogsled and kayak. Now, he’s hoping to go back next year, on the 20th anniversary of that journey, to do it again, this time with an eye on how climate change is impacting the country and places that he and Hoelscher saw two decades ago.

Of particular interest in the journey, which he calls “Pulling for the Planet”, is the northwest section of Greenland where the Polar Inuit live and the southeast corner of the country that is known as Kangerlussuaq. That region is known to be extremely remote and wild. It has also been one of the areas most impacted by changes in climate in recent years.

To help get his project off the ground, Dupre has launched an Indiegogo page to help raise funds for the expedition. He is looking for crowdfunding of up to $30,000 to support his efforts, although the money brought in through this campaign is for a very specific purpose.

On the Indiegogo site Lonnie shares the overall budget for the Pulling for the Planet expedition, but he’s hoping to make a feature-length documentary and a photo book of the journey as well. All of the money brought in from this campaign will go directly towards that goal.

As of now, the campaign has brought in about $2275, with about a month to go until it closes. Lonnie and his team are of course accepting all donations that come their way, but as is typical with any crowdfunding campaign, there are deliverables for various tiers based on what is donated.

For instance, if you give $50 to the cause, you’ll get a copy of the film when it is done. $25 gets you a Pulling for the Planet sticker, while $35 reserves a t-shirt. Larger donations entitle the funder to even bigger things however.

For example, $500 not only gets your name in the film’s credits, but gives you the opportunity to name one of the sled dogs too. A $2000 donation is rewarded with a dinner and presentation, while $10,000 provides full expedition naming rights to a sponsor.

The expedition itself is an ambitious one, as is the task of trying to crowdfund some cash to help get the project going. If you’re interested in helping out, you can do so on the Pulling for the Planet Indiegogo page.