Men’s Journal Shares It’s Picks for Epic 2020 Travel Adventures

Yesterday I shared a post from Backpacker magazine that offered 20 bucket-list trips to do this year. As you would expect, those trips revolved around hiking, backpacking, and camping expeditions, with some truly amazing options for getting into the backcountry in 2020, or any other year for that matter. Not to be outdone, the team at Men’s Journal has put together a list of its own, offering up their own choices for 20 globe-spanning adventures to make the year ahead one to remember.

For it’s rundown of the best travel options for 2020, MJ didn’t confine itself to just hiking and backpacking. The suggestions that make this list are diverse in terms of activities and destinations. For instance, there are options to go skiing, diving, climbing, and even cruising, depending on what type of travel you prefer. Locations include Fiji, Australia, Japan, and numerous others, all of which bring an allure for curious travelers, while mixing in some truly unique experiences along the way.

Some of my favorite travel options that get the nod from the Men’s Journal staff include mountain biking in the Azores, going on an African safari in Botswana, and visiting Petra in Jordan, something I did just a few months back. But the biggest bucket-list item on this round-up for me, is without a doubt a visit to Patriot Hills in Antarctica. The frozen continent remains the only one I haven’t visited, and it is a top priority for me to get there at some point.

What I truly appreciate about this list is that there is just about something for everyone here. Some of the entries are extremely active and demanding, while others are pretty laid back and easy. The destinations really do span the globe as well, with a suggestion on where to go on pretty much every continent, not to mention a few glorious islands as well. If you’re already starting to think about where you want to go this year, you can add a few ideas by checking out the full article here.