The Adventure Podcast Episode 91: Sailing Around the World with Jim and Katie Thomsen

This week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast is a special one for my co-host Dave Adlard and I. We welcome our friends Jim and Katie Thomsen to the show to share their stories of adventure. Jim worked in the outdoor industry for many years, running some major companies that we all know and love. But when he retired a few years back, he and Katie bought a boat and began sailing around the world. They spent a decade doing just that, and have some fantastic stories too share from their travels, not to mention some advice about buying a ship when you don’t even know how to operate it yet.

Before diving into that conversation, Dave and I share the latest Adventure News, including updates on the Antarctic expedition season, an attempt by an adventurous pilot to fly around the world via the North and South Pole, and how one 17-year old intern left his mark at NASA. Later, we round out the extra-long episode with some weekly Gear Picks, with Dave raving about the Sherpa Jannu softshell pants, while I share my thoughts on the Aerios boot from Arc’Teryx.

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Kraig Becker