Video: Emily Harringtonโ€™s Accident on El Capitan

Back in November, climber Emily Harrington was training for an attempt on El Capitan in Yosemite when she took a nasty fall just two pitches into her climb.

That accident ended up putting her in the hospital and sent a scare throughout the entire climbing community. While she was bruised, battered, and beaten up, thankfully she walked away without any lasting injuries and is now reportedly recovering nicely.

The Video

This video, which is part of her ongoing series of YouTube videos made with partner Adrian Ballinger, tells the story of that accident, with some sobering footage and first-hand accounts to set the stage.

This is the other side of climbing that we donโ€™t always get to see, with some candid, straight-forward discussion of the dangers that come along with the sport.

Kraig Becker