Adventure Quickies: Carbon Neutral Airlines, Antarctic Temperature Records, and More

Every week I have more interesting stories and articles that I want to share than I have time or space to post. To make up for that, each Friday I share a list of “adventure quickies” that include a brief description of the story and a link where you can find more. Here are a few things you might have missed that are worth having on your radar from this past week.

  • Delta Airlines to Go Carbon Neutral: The travel industry continues to make strides towards being more ecologically friendly, particularly as frequent travelers look for more ways to continue to explore the planet without contributing to climate change. This week, the airline industry joined the fight with the announcement that Delta Airlines will attempt to become completely carbon neutral over the next decade, spending $1 billion in the effort. The project starts next month with the company looking to reduce emissions and waste from its planes and ground operations. Make no mistake, this will be a big challenge, but they are making the effort and that deserves a salute.
  • Antarctica Continues to Set Temperature Records: A few weeks back, we were all stunned to learn that the Antarctic had broken a temperature record by reaching nearly 65ºF (18.3ºC). It only took a few more days for that record to be broken however, as temperatures climbed up to 68ºF/20.75ºC on a nearby island, once again establishing a new mark.
  • ExWeb Interviews Borge Ousland on Arctic Ocean Crossing: One of the biggest and boldest expeditions in recent memory was Borge Ousland and Mike Horn’s crossing of the Arctic Ocean on foot, which took place late last year. The duo spent more than three months in one of the most difficult and extreme environments on the planet, pulling off a crazy traverse in the process. What was it like out on the ice? Ousland shares his thoughts with Explorer’s Web.
  • How to Stay Warm Winter Camping From Eric Larsen: If there is anyone who knows how to stay comfortable and warm while in the elements, it’s Eric Larsen. The polar explorer has spent his fair-share of time in cold places and offers some good tips for aspiring winter campers in an article for Gear Junkie.
  • Mountain Madness Launches New Website: One of the premiere adventure travel and mountain guiding services—Mountain Madness—had launched a new website. The company’s new online portal offers faster and easier access to its array of trip offerings. To celebrate, they’re giving away a bunch of great stuff.
  • Hybrid Cruise Ship Sets Sail in Antarctica: Protecting Antarctica while still being able to travel there is a major goal for many. To help in that process, a new hybrid, good-for-the-environment ship set sail in the Southern Ocean this year in an effort to lessen the carbon footprint of polar travel. Journalist Kristen Pope went along for the ride and you can read her thoughts here.

That’s all for this week. Back again next week with more Adventure Quickiets.

Kraig Becker