Gear Junkie Picks the Best Down Jackets of 2020

Best Down Jackets: Yesterday we saw a run-down of the best sleeping bags currently on the market, with some good options for staying warm and getting a good night’s sleep in the backcountry. Today, we have a similar round-up with another important piece of gear that every outdoor enthusiast should own — the classic puffy jacket. This article comes our way courtesy of the team over at Gear Junkie, which has compiled a very comprehensive look at the best down jackets for 2020.

It should be noted that this article indicates that the jackets that are reviewed here are specifically for men. However, that said, some of these models have a women’s version too, which will likely provide a smilier level of comfort and performance.

For the most part, the outdoor brands now realize that the gear they make for men won’t always cut it for the ladies, so it is a lot more common to find a women’s-specific model than it was in the past.

In true Gear Junkie fashion, this particular list is long and provides a lot of good information. This probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering just how many puffy jackets are on the market these days. No one can review them all, but the GJ team did a good job selecting some of the most popular and well-known models from the top brands, plus a few additional brands that you may not be quite so familiar with.

Each entry on the list includes some specific thoughts on the jacket’s performance and some important details such as its fill power rating, weight, and price. A “key features” section does a good job of summarizing the most important things to know about that particular jacket too.

So, which model came out on top? It will probably come as no surprise to many of you to learn that the Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody walked away with the top honors. This is puffy that has been a popular choice amongst outdoor enthusiasts for some time, and it continues to be a great option.

There are some other really great down jackets on the Gear Junkie list, including a surprisingly nice budget option from Decathlon and a very lightweight model from Mountain Hardwear. Those are just a few of the jackets that are part of this round-up—however, plenty more to sort through. If you’re in the market for a new down puffy, you’ll definitely want to start your shopping here.

Kraig Becker